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The SMART Walls is a New Green Technology.

There is a large potential for removing discarded tires from landfills or other dump sites, then using the tires to build sound mitigation walls along highways, roadways, or high noise areas. Recyling tires could eliminate hundreds of thousands of tires and tire casings which are left over and currently have little or no other use in the market today.

There are two types of SMART walls, namely Panel Walls, where ground recycled tires are embedded in the concrete agregate, and Stacked Tire Walls, where whole tires or tire bundles are used for the core of the wall.



Michael Katz, President

The Smart Walls



The SMART Walls Panel Wall:

uses ground recycled tire as part of the concrete agregate mix. The agregate mix can also have color added to meet client specifications.

The agregate is then poured into recycled fiberglass molds based on a design from the Colorado School of Mines Civil Engineering Department.

The completed panels are then placed into I-beam columns that are securely tied to footers specially designed for the local geographical terrain.

The SMART Walls Stacked Tire Wall:

uses recycled tires or bundled recycled tires as the core of the wall. Each of the tires or tire bundles are stacked, then fastened together to ensure wall stablity.

The tire core is completely covered in wood sheathing and wire mesh.

The wall is completed with a shotcrete casing. Color can be added to the shotcrete to meet client specifications.